Budget Range Aquariums

Save money with ND Aquatics budget range of tropical aquarium

Still the same high quality all glass aquarium but with a basic no thrills cabinet.
Made from the same 18mm melamine faced chipboard, we can offer these stylish cabinets at affordable prices simply by removing doors,
handles and trims.

63″ x 28″ x 24″ (Length x Height x Width) Budget Tropical Fish Tank & Cabinet

Tank Volume: 109 UK Gallon ( 496 Litre )

Glass Thickness: 10 mm

Polished edges

Cover Glasses

Black Silicone

Budget Cabinet



Price : £485

Available in following colours:

Bama Oak

Bama Oak

Black Ash

Rimesi Beech

Rimesi Beech


No, they are only available in the sizes shown.
No, this is why they are cheaper.
No, they are only available in Bama Oak, Rimesi Beech and Black Ash.
No, budget aquariums are are only available as tropical/freshwater tanks.

Glass tank with polished edges, 1 x weir(s) with removable combs, 3 x drilled holes and polystyrene.