Cover glass is only included when purchased with a cabinet and hood. For glass tank only they can be purchased separately.

Glass tank with polished edges, 1 x weir(s) with removable combs, 3 x drilled holes, polystyrene, cover glass, cabinet, hood and sump tank. 

Glass tank with polished edges, polystyrene, cover glass, cabinet and hood.

Glass tank with polished edges and polystyrene.

Glass tank with polished edges, 1 x weir(s) with removable combs, 3 x drilled holes and polystyrene.

Our current lead time is 3-6 weeks. For on-site builds our lead time is 4-8 weeks.

No, we will call you to arrange a deposit payment. This can be done over the phone. 

We take 50% deposit. The remainder can be paid on completion before delivery (or on delivery by prior arrangement).

Check the “date of use” label on the tank. 

We use 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm , 19mm  and 25mm float glass and Optiwhite Low Iron float glass. Note: Optiwhite glass is only available in 4mm,10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm. 

Due to the size of the MFC panels the maximum length of a cabinet is 108″ (2.7m), Rimesi Beech and Wenge only, and 100″ (2.5m) for all other colours.

No, we supply all the pipework unfitted. We will provide instructions if required. 

It varies according to the size of tank and quantity/position of the wier(s). Basically it will include two or three tank connectors and all the necessary pipes, elbows, T-pieces, ball valve etc and solvent cement to construct a Durso style downpipe(s), and the return pipework. 

Just one if we deliver ourselves. You must make arrangements to take delivery of your item(s). The larger heavier items will require four people or more. Our guy will not assist in placement. If we outsource delivery they will not assist in placement. 

No, we build our own unique brand of aquarium, “ND Aquatics”. We do not build aquariums that imitate or copy other brands. 

No, but they are available to purchase separately.

Almost, always allow 1mm-2mm +/- tolerance. 

No, this is why they are cheaper. 

No, they are only availalable in 72″ x 24″ x 24″ and 60″ x 24″x 24″. 
No, they are only available in Bama Oak, Rimesi Beech and Black Ash. 
No, but hood can be purchased separately. 
No, budget aquariums are are only available as tropical/freshwater tanks.
Yes, these are priced as shown on the budget aquarium page. 
Sliding cover glasses, also known as condensation covers, are there for that reason, to prevent condensation.
No, but these can be purchased separately. 
If we are building your tank then Yes. Our associate designer will forward the completed background directly to us. Installation cost £40.
You will need to contact the 3D background supplier.