Standard Glass Tanks & Cabinets with hoods

Tropical & Marine Standard All Glass Aquariums

Optional extras include:

  • Optiwhite / Low iron glass
  • Background colouring in Blue , Black or White
  • Cover Glasses /  Condensation glass
  • Optiwhite/Low Iron Cover Glasses /  Condensation glass
  • Hole(s) Drilling
  • External weir(s)
  • Mitred corners

Tropical & Marine Fish Tanks (TANK, CABINET, SUMP TANK & HOOD)

ND Aquatics Ltd Tropical & Marine fish tanks come with the following

  • Tank, Cabinet & Hood
  • Bar Handles
  • Black or Clear silicone (black as standard)
  • Cover Glasses/Condensation covers
  • Closed Hood (Hinged Opening)
  • Highly polished glass edges
  • Polystyrene

Optional extras include

  • Optiwhite/Low iron glass
  • Background colouring in Blue ,Black or White
  • Optiwhite/Low Iron coverglasses/condensation covers
  • Mitered fish tank edges

All our products are made to an exceptionally high standard and we know you will be satisfied with the quality of our craftsmanship.